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WAY too much gaz

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1981 280zx with turbo AFM and a large TB setup.

ok well im running way too rich...it suddenly happened too, it wasnt after i installed the AFM or the TB....this is a few months after

it runs at 200-400 RPM now
i tought it was my FPR so i cahnged it and nothing
I set my Turbo AFM back to lean and nothing
when it runs i pinch the fuel like after the fuel filter and it starts running good, revvs up to 800-1000, i let go and runs like crap at 300 rpm...

what could it be...could a bad fuel pump be pumping too much?? im totaly lost...

thanks in advance
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Connections to coolant temp sensor

chech air fuel info in tech tips below
thanks ill check my coolant temp sensor and it said clogged fuel return line as one of the symtoms of running too rich...ill check that and ill buy a new filter to be on safe side they arent much anyways
I second Blue. My CHT connector had a wire broken INSIDE it. $7 harness from junkyard, and flooding disappeared.
well i bought all new wires + connectors in summer for all injectors and temp sensor n all that ....if it is cracked somwhere it must be further up...ill hafta pull out the wireing diagram and check if i soldered in the right wires...but like i said it ran fine before so maybe it cracked and is loose now or something
do u know what ur fuel press is

i installed a powerful fuel pump and it was so strong that it over powered teh stock fpr, and when u said u pinched the line and it ran great, it sounds to me that u have way to much fuel press,
ok thanks alot for the steps and informaion....

i will try it tommorrow after work
ill have to go buy a vaccum pump and i also dont have a fuel pressure guage.

i might not do step 4 because it runs at 300 rpm, i can for sure get the 3 steps done tho..
thanks again ill post the results when i get them.

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