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Way too much gaz #2

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well i tried the tests with the pressure line and return line...
the fuel delivery line gets just about 1 L of 30 sec on position
and the return line gets 1/3 of a L when i hold key for 45 sec...
so where could it be not returning the fuel good...???

i took off my CSV and plugged the line with a screw, would that be anything to do with it.

thanks i think it was wayne for the test, i cant find my old post :\

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fpr? just a guess
just bought a new one and put it on yesturday
You shouldn't plug anything with a screw. Everything is supposed to go somewhere.

Could be a number of things, clogged lines, gas tank full of crap, sending unit clogged, etc.

"so where could it be not returning the fuel good...???" - i don't get it
ok well i did the test again (with a brand new battery)
everything checks ok now...return is good as is send.

i pulled the sparks and they are BLACK. I just ran the engine on new sparks and they turned black and when i pulled em out there was smoke/exhaust coming out of the hole (i never noticed smoke before, or am i just blind)

also is there suppose to be sucktion in the valve cover where the blowback or whatever hole is? i put my thumb there and its not doing anything.

so to sum it up, i get good fuel, FPR is new, no vac leaks, fuel returns good, sparks are black and runs like crap. I have tried playing with lots of connectors and relays....im just out of my mind here, never had a problem i couldnt fix hehe

thanks all

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Oh...Skully... Been there.. I just saw this thread! Very interesting.... you sound sooo much like me....lol!!! I go crazy!!! Want to blow it up, drive her off a cliff, drag her to the junkyard.. I can relate ...lol!!! :eek:)
yeah i dunno what the hells goin on.
"There will never be suction at the valve cover if BLOW-BY causes presure from worn rings." Norm k.
In Another Fuel Pressure / Volume Test there are 4 tests. Each one has fuel pressure, vacuum, fuel volume and length of time readings.

Unless you provide your results to each test, with the fuel pressure, vacuum, fuel volume and length of time readings, that you got nobody is going to help point you in the correct direction to go next.
What year Z do you have? I have a 79 and it's been running real rich and foul out the spark plugs all the time. I checked the temperature head sensor and it's good. I unplug the TPS and still not solve the problem. So the only thing left is the AFM. I open up the plastic cap and increase the spring tension a little at a time and keep test drive it and then check the plugs. I finally got it running good now. Before I used to get 10 MPG gas milage. Now I get 15 plus. That's a big improvement and the car runs alot smoother now. When I have time I will play with the AFM some more. My car doesn't have the Exhaust Gas sensor so I can't just hook up the A/F mixture meter to check. Good luck
its an 81 and i upgraded to a turbo AFM from a 280zxt.

it ran good before...i play around with tension spring nothing extreme happens it doesnt get any better as it doesnt get much worse....

so if i get no sucktion my rings are fu*ked!???

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I have been having nearly the same problem will I needa back shop manual for trouble shooting these difficult problems as for readings diffrentral and pressure and efi out puts
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