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water **** removal

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1979 280zx
hi guys

i have a 1979 280zx that has just recently leaking its water **** also known as heater control valve

what im looking for is someone that might be willing to help me out on this.. Ive had 4 surgeries on my hands, and am looking at another one .. i see my Dr on Monday.

i live in Kent WA.
i would be willing to pay someone to come over or me roll to their home . i can purchase the new heater **** and hoses, just need someone to help me. if that is even possible .

i dont really want to have to result to craigslist l as I dont trust just anyone to work on these beauties...by the way, its mechanical not vaccume.

dave emard
kent wa
[email protected]
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try contacting your local z club, or contact z specialties for recomendations in WA
ive contacted z car club of washington state... not sure if ill get any help or not

15 yrs ago. before surgeries. id of had no problem with this but now...after 4 surgeries on my hands. and looking at another! sighs

The book says to remove the dash. If you do, there are many other maintenance items you should do. Instructions are listed in my signature. You could just bypass the heater altogether as a temp solution until you can do it right.

That said, it might be possible to access it by removing the passenger knee panel, radio console and main vent and duct in the dash.
thank you for the info... this is going to be a pain

I live in south west washington but i have only removed on the water **** on 280z's not 280zx i dont know what the difference is
not sure . but im sure its going to be a pain in the arse

did you want to help?
I would but im in georgia. I doubt anyone else would volunteer nowadays. Like when I bought my 71, I spent most the day helping an old man move boxes, and clear brush to get a path for the car to come out of the barn. We pulled weeds from the garden, talked and walked around. He liked me before all that and I was a low bidder on the car. He just rather me have it because he liked how I would restore it. Other buyers wanted to part it out, or do the ignorant v8 thing because thats all they know, full blast in a straight line. He sold it to me because I wasnt going to screw it up. There are too few people like me and that old man. The name of the game now is get fugged. Im sorry about your hand. My brother messed up his hand in wyoming. Hit a rut drifting a curve, flipped a few times, and on the last one his arm came up and the rollcage came down right across his left hand. I remember driving him back to camp. He used to love to play a violyn sp? but the surgery, the pins, he couldnt do it anymore. He still has it, 20 or so years in its case. I hate to see it.
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sorry about your brother. and thanks for sharing ..i deal with numb hands 24/7/ 365 ... but somehow i seem to make them work.
they get easily fatigued... but that does not stop me .. I just know that with this water ****, its something i cant do.. im not one to ask for help when i know in my mind i can do it myself. well, 15 yrs ago i could.. now im forced to ask for help, even pay for the help..

again sorry about your brother

update.. ive ordered the new water ****, and heater hoses. they are being shipped from cali

sure hope i can get this done!!!

NO.. its my daily driver. only car.. was hoping to get away with NOT having to take that dash out!
It can be done...I did it. Took a lot of cussin and 8 hours.

Pull the knee panel, radio console and the 12" trim around the AC controls. Then remove the one screw holding the vent in on the right side. You might be able to access the screw that way.
So Z-Man of Washington was not consulted/considered? Oliver can usually do this stuff, and likely had the water **** right there in Washington...
THE LAST time i inquired Z man.. he gave me some outrageous price.

thank you pallidan for all your help and HONEST answers

Daveemard said:
THE LAST time i inquired Z man.. he gave me some outrageous price.

Installed? That indeed is odd. Then again, it all goes to how much you value someone else's time I guess.
When I can't do it, I can't begrudge the price of the man who does it in my stead, on my schedule I guess.

Good Luck with your **** change!
i dont mind paying for some one to do my work.. but.. . i wont get raped at the same time..

ive got enough information now.... that this wont be that big of a deal!

thanks for your imput though...

hey guys.. just to say thanks for all your help on this ... i had one of my friends come over and help me put this new water
**** and hoses in.. 3 hrs later.. it is done!!!!!

thanks greg for helping be out!!!

where did you end up ordering the part from Dave?
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