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late 1970 Series 1 240Z
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Wanted 260Z. Must have good shell.
Hi, my name is Ed. I have a customer that has a 260 he asked us to get running. I have posted the car on Classic Zcar Club forum. That site has more of a discription of the car then I'm giving you. I will try to load so pictures for you if you have any interest in this car.

This is a early 74 model (4-74). The hood was replaced with a new one, acording to the previous owner Beaverton Datsun bought the wrong one and he agreed to accepting the 280 hood, the hood is a factory unit not an aftermarket unit. Also 280 bumpers got installed. Our customer has the early 74 bumpers that are included in the price. This is a rust rot free car, yes there is some minor surface rust here and there but I have in 10-30 seconds with very fine steel wool removed the surface rust. All frame rails are solid same as the underside.

Let me know what you think. My personal Email is [email protected], Ed
1 - 2 of 2 Posts