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Want to intall D6F3-01 dizzy in 240Z, but don't know where the two wires go

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I pulled this dizzy from my old Series I 240 that was wrecked years back. Pretty sure it's a 260Z dizzy. I'd like to install it in my now current Series I 240, but don't know where to connect the two wires and if I should jumper the resistor. There is a green and black wire coming from the distributor. Do they simply go to the positve and negative on the coil or does one go to the resistor? Wish I had noted that before parting out the car. :eek:(

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upgrading a 240 with 260 parts, this should be well documented. On a 260 the 2 green wires coming off the distributor go into the same group of wires that the temp sensor feeds into, then travels toward the coil. As for the specifics youll need a wiring diagram for both. Save yourself a headache, and swap in a 280zx type.
Thanks for the input. I am looking for a "79 ZX distributor, but since my car ran so good with this one I thought I would give it a go. Just need to know where the two wires connect.
i dont have the wiring memorized, sorry. Its in the manual.
I don't have a 260 manual. Do you think I should connect one to the coil (+ or -) and the other to the wire that goes to my existing dizzy? Thanks for any advice you or anyone else has. I'm sure it's simple, but don't want to screw anything up.
Download the FSM for 1974 260Z to see what you have. The distributor numbers are listed in the Electrical section. I think that you have a distributor for electronic ignition so your Series 1 240Z won't even have the module to control the coil unless you or the PO have added one.
My previous Series I car that it came out of also had no module. I just can't remember where the two wires connected to. Thanks for the replies.
YA! Don maka da wrong move! Norm K.
Not knowing what to do, I guess I wait until I find a '79 distributor. Thanks for the input.
in the meantime you can also research why your tach no longer works with the new distributor, and where you can find a 280z tach so it will work with the new distributor and how to wire that in as well. Full speed ahead!
NW said:
Not knowing what to do, I guess I wait until I find a '79 distributor. Thanks for the input.
IMHO, that would be the way to go. I don't think you'd gain much with the 260Z distributor.

By the way, you can buy all the parts for the swap, except for the 280ZX distributor mounting plate, from RockAuto. I found the plate on eBay. You might also try Roger at Zbarn.
Your other Series 1 must have had a module mounted somewhere if you have a D6F3-01 distributor. The distributor wires run two a variable reluctor inside the cap and need an ignition module to do anything.

The distributor could be used with a $15 GM HEI module to run your engine. It would take a little more work than hooking up two wires though. But when you were done you might understand better how a distributor works. Even with a ZX distributor you'll still have two wires to connect.

The spark output between an HEI module and a ZX module will be similar. No real benefit either way.
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