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ive been on this for about 3 weeks trying to help my buddy. VG30 out of a 95 hardbody.. 2wd . issue is we dont think its the stock motor. .There was an A a B and a W series VG. They all had their differences.
The issue we have is that the oil pump was broke when we tried getting the timing gear off the crank.. Order a new pump and the ID of the pump is to small to fit over the drive for the crank.

Here are some pictures.
I have searched the entire WWW tring to find out where to get this pump and im am stumped. does anyone have any oil pumps laying around that they can take pictures of and measurements ..
I have tracked down the pump to 94 and 95 pickups and 93 maximas with the DOHC motor but the pump is not available .

Found one that looked like it was it. ordered it and it was wrong.

Need help here .. Where are my VG guys at

I was able to find this picture and this is the pump we ordered but this isnt the pump they sent. you can see the notch right by the machined face which is the give away for it being correct. i has the larger drive and seal but thats not what they sent.. they sent the one you see in the above post
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