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Valve cover (gasket) leaking oil

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Hey all.

My valve cover is leaking and there isn't much I can do about it. The stud that tightens the rearmost part of the cover (driver's side) can't be tightened because some previous dumb-ass threaded the hole. SOOOO, I can't torque it down at all.

Any suggestions how I can fix this? Right now I'm just making sure that there's always enough oil in the motor, and I'm trying to go about this without having to replace the head.

Is there any sort of gasket sealant I can use that will at least form some sort of bond on the outside that won't harm the oil inside?

Can I get someone to re-thread the bolt hole? How much money is this sort of procedure?

As always, suggestions are appreciated.

Many thanks,

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hi-tack made by permatex or drill & retap the hole for the next size metric bolt.
Can you heli-coil that hole? The bolt only needs like 15lb.s of torque to seal.
Permatex Ultra Copper High Temp RTV will work. Though some don't recommend RTV. Otherwise helicoil the hole and get a new gasket and torque bolts down to 15ft lbs.
A helicoil would be ideal for that. Wouldn't really want to drill and tap oversize because you'd have one odd bolt.
Call an auto machine shop. It will probably only cost you about $25-35 for the guy to do it. And, to test the guy's qualifications, if he says he will use a "Helicoil" go elsewhere. There are better insert-thread products.
Yea but why do you want to use "something better" on a fastener that is torqued so low and is so close to the edge? A heli-coil is the perfect solution for a valve cover bolt.

Either way when you get it fixed, torque the cam cover bolts to 4-6 Ft Lbs.


58 - 72 inch pounds, Snug then one additional flat or one sixth of a turn.

Do you mean that the cam cover hole is the one that has been threaded?


Have the threads in the cylinder head been pulled or stripped out from
the previous dumb ass owner over torquing the fastners?
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i tought the bolt can go all the way trough...just get a longer one and put a nut on the other end...??
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