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Valve Adjustment on 75 280z

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Dear Z friends,my f.sm. says adjust the valves on my 280z at 20(cold)intake and 25(cold)exhaust but all the articles I see on adjusting is 10 (intake) and 12(exhaust).I just want to make sure that I am correct.THANKS,ROBERT
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your fsm's on crack, its 10, 12. kammy has a nice step by step on it.
I have looked on that website but I am trying to figure out why the datsun service manual for that year says 20 and 25
.20mm = .008 inches
.25mm = .010 inches
.010" and .012" are hot settings. The settings you posted are metric.
Is it better to adjust cold or hot.
I originally adjusted mine cold....but went back and re did them... hot. Its a bitch...but I think its better. That was done in April.... a couple of weeks ago Mike came for a few days and double checked the adjustments on my valves. They were perfectly adjusted... so I would have to say its better to do them hot......


1975 280Z
The cold settings are used as a preliminary guide. You always want to follow up with a hot adjustment.
ahhh... so we just get them started with the cold adjustment... So I actually did right! But I did it cause I wasnt comfortable with them done cold...... bet you or Kammy told me to redo it hot. Its really not that difficult either...
yeah Elaine you did it right. They were perfect. **** you did better than I did my first time
haha!!! Doubt that! But thanks! I sort of felt they were right on.....thanks again! So, Robert... Best of luck with your Z!
I always do them hot.
mixed up metric and english measurements! You should work for NASA. They mixed up metric and english force units and missed Mars with one of their probes a year or so ago....And to think we were gonna let Hillary create a federal health care system......
since ive never done a z valve adjustment ill have to do it cold just to make sure i know what the heck im doing! ive always adusted my other cars with engine running and its SO much easier that way!
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