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Vacuum hose help needed

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75 with header where does the vacuum advance vacuum come from. Does the carbon canister connect to the throttle body and where dose the vacuum solinoid that sets on top of the thermostat housing get it vacuum.
My sons car wont start acts like it might thinking that some of these are wrong.

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hope some FI folks will help. I'm on carbs so am no good here.

Good idea to get a Factory Service Manual for your year Z. Much better than Hyanes or chiltons.

Also if you search you can find a pdf version of the Nissan 280Z FI troubleshooting guide.

Forget the vac solinoid on top of the t-stat housing. Also UNPLUG the temp switch on the Tstat housing that has 2 wires -made into it-. Both are emmisions timing retard controls.

Connect both the charcoal canister purge valve AND the distributor vacuum advance to the throttle body, then set the ignition timing at 15 degrees at idle with the vac line unhooked (just to be sure there is no vac on it..) That should run good.
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