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Vacuum Control Unit, or new Distributor

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Yesterday's project was to rebuild my single pick-up distributor. Overall, not in bad shape....except for the vacuum advance control unit. It leaks. Does anyone have, or know where I can get another one? Or do I have to replace the whole distributor?
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Standard Motor Products has a replacement Vacuum Control # VC-351

I have used this unit on 77, 78, 79 and 81 Dizzy's

Also check with Nissan as it may cost less.

Info on checking the new one can be found here Here is a link to an archived posting on the Dizzy.

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Or, upgrade to the 79ZX dizzy.
Thanks for the links Wayne.

Mark, what are the benefits of upgrading to the 79ZX dizzy? Does it also come in the CA single pick-up flavor....and are the benefits worth the efforts?
more power to the spark....very easy...check out Blues Tech Tips on how to do it....
The "advantage" is not so much on a 75 since you have a mag triggered dizzy already. It realy helps the carbed Z's and is almost a given to do.

I just like that it's self contained and high power and if I need to swap a dizzy, that's the one I grab. YMMV.

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