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ummmmm turbo or 3.1 stroker

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Im lost i have money to put into the car i want some power the turbo would be cool but dont i have to do alot of modifcation to the 70 to go with fuel injection and there is a shop in town that dose engin installs for $595 is this worth it or should i just do it myself

I originally wanted to go with the turbo but i dont really know where to start do i just get the motor throw it in the car get a good electric fuel pump and a 75 and up gas tank? and where do i get a turbo motor do i just hope i find a 280zx turbo some where or someone around here selling a turbo motor?

I really want to do this motor swap and learn and show ppl what these datsuns can do but im afraid im going to screw the car up and never get it running
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well...let's see here. With a turbo datsun you can expect anywhere from 200hp with a stock turbo tuned a little to 500hp if you go all out...probably not what you're going to do. the only specs i've seen from a 3.1 stroker was 255 ft-pounds of torque and 225 hp. So...if you want over 225hp, then you're gonna want to go with a turbo. If not, all the torque produced with the stroker is a lotta fun by itself. For a turbo conversion on your 260z you're gonna need to find a whole turbo motor out of a 82-83 280zx turbo. Then you could rebuild it and put in a bigger turbo or just use it the way it is depending on how it runs. Look for one with a p90 head with solid lifters on ebay or in the forums. Then you're gonna need a borg warner t-5 tranny, a corresponding driveshaft, and an r200 rear diff. So basically, if you're gonna do a turbo conversion, you're gonna need to replace your whole drivetrain. That's pretty much it. good luck....by the way, the stroker is easier to maintain once you get it going so you might want to take that into effect.
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a stoker motor can EASILY make 300 HP with some major head porting and a good cam.

we watched Rebello dyno a 270 HP stroker and it was very streetable with very little head porting and a stock intake with fuel injection. running triples on that same engine would make 300 HP.

we are about to have rebello do us a stroker.

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Ya but how much does that cost? A LOT. A good condition stock 280ZX turbo motor can take 300hp on the bottom end. All you'd really need is maybe bigger injectors, and maybe a slightly stronger fuel pump. And a boost controller and IC of course.
why argue the two choices................ just make it one EXCELLENT choice

A stroker /w a 2mm head gasket only has a compression ratio of 8.2 (lower than the stock L-28 of 8.29) So get..................

Turbo motor and bw 5-speed (~500)
Cylinders bored (~100)
Ld28 crank (150-200)
K24 Pistons ( no clue/ would guess ~250)
Rings (50)
L24 Rods (~100)
Rod + Main bearings (130)
2mm Copper head gasket (~150)

You said you have money..........so for under 2000 you could have one SICK Straight 6
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The stroker puts out instant power the turbo will have some lag no matter what you do. Crusing down the highway in 5th at 55 (very slow) at 1800 rpm, just give the car some gas and your head will snap back. The stroker makes tons of tourque. A freind of mine has a 72 with a 3.1 mild porting, MSA stage 2 cam and 40mm triples (far from "racing only"). His car is very fast the low end tourque feels like a v8.

Your car weighs around 2500 lbs so 250-300 HP will put you in the power to weight ratio of cars like the new c-6 corvette or a 360 Ferrari. Your car will be fast and you will get the power instantly, go for the stroker.
A turbo stroker will cost a minimum of $6000.
You would be VERY hard pressed to do it for $2000. Just my machine work on a regular L28et was around $1100-1300. If you do it right, it's going to cost some money. The last thing anyone wants you to do is go into this project not knowing what you're getting into financially. To me stonehinges $6000 figure could be done very easily and proably for less. You just can't forget about all the other small items that add up when you do a build like the water pump, oil pump, gasket set, headwork (valve guides? and valves?), and so on. Plus if you find a diesel crank for $150-200 make sure you buy it, that would be a **** good deal. Most of the ones I see forsale are around $250-300. If you can find one in a scrap yard...you're doing **** good.
To us price is no big deal and i didnt think that was a question in the original post. we just prefer a stroker over a turbo and expect to put a min of 5K in it.

if price is or was in issue or tracking down all the different parts necessary to build a turbo or stroker we would just toss a 3 grand 385 HP fast burn chevy crate engine in it and not worry about hunting down all the turbo electronics or stroker pieces individually.

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