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Ultra rare Nissan valve cover

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Just wanted to share this with every one, it was my birthday and my wife was cool enough to get me me ultra rare nissan valve cover just wanted to share it with everyone


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"I was so MAD i could eat my valve cover...so i DID!
Your wife is cool as sh*t
She's a keeper! :)
You do have the ultimate wifey. Mine wouldn't where the valve cover is ;D I love her anyway. Tell her "great job".
Yes she is great, she had a datsun of her own and durring the restoration process the body shop sold the car out from underneth me. Still breaks her heart ever time she things about it
****, that would call for an ass whipping if it had been me. Oh well, life deals out shi*ty hands sometimes. :mad:
i sued him and got the full value of the car, i sued for the ammount of the car as if it was a daily driver, and not the value of the rolling restoration
You do know we are all going to want a valve cover like that now! ;D
yes, i am taking order for people in central fl
I wish I was that nistaligic to have a Nissan Vaulve cover cake for my birthday next week.
My wife is on a gluten (no wheat and other grains) free diet so she can't bake anything like she used to.

So we have experimented with different grain flours - I still have some biscuits from about ten years ago - a little on the heavy side and too small for my large cannon.

So anyone needing a piston replacement . . .
looks like someone is watching cake boss!!

thats just awsome. now what kind of cake are you going to get her??
erzelda, is there any way to "glue" the bisquits together and then shave them down to the proper bore size?
I know all the about the Gluten Free diet. I sell lots of groceries for it in my health food store everyday. Is she gluten intolerant or have celiacs disease?
There are a lot of good tasting products out there but more that taste like bad cardboard!
It's pretty amazing when you find out what all has gluten in it. Even Beer!
nooooooo, say its not so, not the beer nooooooooooooooooooooooo
Jeanne has Celiacs - and over the last few years it's amazing how many mainstream stores are selling Gluten free. It gets better with more choices and here there are a few people making great but expensive cakes gluten free.

Taste and texture are a matter of getting the right combination of other flours so it doesn't come out so heavy.

Gluing the biscuits is an option - if I could just find the Knight from the SCA at the Ren Fair that made us a breakfast of oatmeal pourrage - other wise known as Gruel and Unusual punishment.

Once congeiled in a bowl - the Vikings were fond of it to use as a mace in the mock battles - and we found it made for a usable but not long lasting mortar for our fake castle.
Lol, I could never go gluten free. Good luck with that!
If I can help with any info about food products let me know. I do know that "RUDIS" bakery has a fairly new Gluten Free bread that is the size of regular bread , has great texture and taste. It is a whole grain bread and comes frozen. You should be able to find it at a Whole Foods store or most health foods. I'm not sure if they have gone main stream yet. I do know that my main grocery distributor has just opened up into Texas and now services most of the state.
Amy's also has a great Rice Mac N Cheese that is very close to Krafts in taste and texture.
Like I said if I can be of any help you have only to ask.
Being in Houston there is a great variety of "hard-to-find" specialty stores so Jeanne has had no problem with finding Gluten free stuff. More restaurants are having gluten free menus.

She is still mad with (Kellogg's?) Sugar Pops for adding wheat to once non-wheat cerial. But there are other options - Chex are good for that.

Anyway - she's known this for years and is doing well.

For others - many people do not know they have Celiacs Disease and it is now more and more common for doctors to find this disorder, especially in kids. If people have stomach problems and I.G. problems it's a good idea to get tested.

The simple change in diet has helped all suffers to cope. (Unintentional Public Service Ad)
That is one of the coolest things i've seen any wife do. My wife took a picture of my 70 240 i had years ago. Had a gorcery store bakery put it on a cake she had made for my birthday. It was very cool and thoughtful.
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