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Z beating a Saleen? Not anytime soon.

> Isn't the Mustang Saleen SVT supercharged? I
> believe it is. Anyway, Saleen hypes up that
> car to be the sh*t. I saw a report that was
> trying to verify Saleens claim on
> performance. Saleen said mid to low 12 in
> quarter and the article could only best a
> mid to low 13 quarter in the car. That is
> still pretty fast for you n/a motor. But why
> not include turbo's in your ULTIMATE Z's?
> You do 0-60 in 5.5, my old turbo Z was doing
> it in about 4.0 and my new motor should be
> sub 4.0, (3.6-3.8). Maybe we can meet on the
> road someday, you can tell me what the back
> of my car looks like. Hehehe!

Some of the Saleens did come supercharged. THere were severial diffrent Saleen models. Living here in The Dallas/Ft. Metroplex, I have the opurtunity to see a few of these exotics at the street races, when the big boys come out to play, in the wee hours of the morning.

Some of the Saleens, came with a 351, rated in the 350hp range. Some of the Convertable Saleens came charged, rated in the 500hp range. Some of Hardtop Saleens came charged to ****, full cage, no heat, no a/c, stiff power steering, and few of the luxury options. These cars were upward of 600hp, tuned from the dealers you had them delievered to.

The latter of these cars, was of course the fastest. Even the lowly 350hp Saleen, could run 12's. The top charged verion, I have seen, with my own eyes, at the Enis Speedway, run low 11's. There is no way that this guys Z beet any of these cars, under good racing conditions. Even an inexperienced driver could waste on of us, in these cars. I ran a '95 Cobra, with a Charger on, and I lost, bad. The motor was built to SVT Saleen specs. The Cobra was 300lbs heavier than any of the Saleens, and he had an absolutly unGodly 60 foot time. He layed down a high 12, on street tires.

I have a 3.1 motor. Not too far off from what our friend who started this post. I like top brag about having one of the fastest Z's in North Texas. But even with my big head, I know which cars are too fast to play with. And the Saleens are one of them. Seeing the cars up close is an ominious site, and seeing them run, you get the accurate picture of how much power they really have.

It's jusy hard for me to believe that some one beat one of these cars. I can understand coming close, but unless this guy is running a low 13 second, high 12 second Z car, I would have to see it beat the Saleen to believe it.

Chris Behney
Redline Autosports
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