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> What is the best way to remove the stock
> bushings from a mustache bar to install new
> urethane ones?

You have to burn them out. I think this is the easiest way. You can try cutting them, but since they are bonded to the metal, you'll have a hard time getting them completely clean. There are several methods, all of which work, but some are easier than others. You can use a torch, and heat the metal around the rubber, which will let the bushing fall out in a clump. Or, you can take it to your grill, and pour some lighter fluid on it, and burn it out that way. The BBQ method doesn't get hot enough to start hardening the metal, so no worries. The torch method has potential to start surface hardening, but only if you heat the metal until it glows.

> Is the 81-83 zx non-turbo 5-speed the same
> length as the 240Z 4-speed?

The ZX 5spd is slightly shorter than the 4spd. You can use your current 240Z driveshaft though, as the difference is only a couple mm.

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