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> Jesse----I must of really tweeked a nerve a
> few days back. I was not downing the N/A
> cars. Just stating dollar for dollar
> investment for HP that the turbo wins hands
> down. For approx. $600 you can take a stock
> turbo and tweek it from 180HP stock to
> 300-325HP and never need to open up the
> motor. For a N/A motor to even get close to
> these #'s you will need to stroke it, put
> new pistions in it, a big dawg cam, exhaust,
> ect. You might get close to 300HP but will
> have a monster that would be undesirable to
> drive on the street. You can go to about
> 400-450HP with the turbo and it will still
> be streetable.

I bought a 83ZXT for $300 169,000miles on it, replaced stock turbo with T04/T3 hybrid, starion intercooler, high output fuel pump, adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Right now I'm running about 12psi. This thing is a BEAST now. I get wheelspin at 40mph in 2nd gear when boost peaks. I would estimate 300-325hp. It would take ALOT of $$ to get a car to do this naturally asp.
My 2 cents
> On a side note All Z's strike a note to me
> and will always be something I own(Turbo or
> N/A).
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Not open for further replies.