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My kinda guy!

> got's 10.1:1 compression
> got's dometops
> got's headers and 2.5 exhuast
> got's e-88 head
> got's flatop L28
> and nothin else

> and it'll run right beside my cousin's 81zxt

> who say's you have to have a turbo to play
> with the big boys.

> jesse75z

Jesse, you're my kinda guy, but remeber. . .

Your cousins car is a little heavier.

You said your cousins car was stock, in a previous post, so I would hardly consider him a Big Boy.

He's running on a turbo that is getting on up there in years and is probaly not pushing more than 5 psi.(If he is this high.) Not much effectivness at this low of a boost.

He's not running a custom exhaust, or headers.

Is it a 2+2? If so add a little more weight to his car.

Don't think I'm coming down on you man, I'm a big N/A man myself,(3.1 Stoker '82 280ZX.) But you have got an edge on him in more ways than one. Your compresion is what's help you now.

Once your cousin gets the smallest thing done, whether it be intake, exhaust, turbo, compresion, or whatever, he's gonna walk on you. It's gonna take more than a few bolt-ons to beat the Turbo man.

In the mean time, work him over every chance you get and have fun doing it.

Chris Behney
Redline Autosports

185 Posts
Not similiar to Ian's but mine did 13.2 at 110 1/4

> Here is a short description of my autocross
> car:

> Flat-top pistons in L28 block.
> E31 head w/mild street port I did myself.
> Stock 240Z valves.
> Stock cam.
> Stock '71 SU's.
> Header.
> 2.5 exhaust.
> 3.90:1 LSD.
> '82 5-speed.

> The car does a 14.2 @ 97 at Famoso Raceway
> in Bakersfield, Ca. That was w/autocross
> suspension setup. Performance can be had
> w/stock parts. I'm sure it would be even
> quicker w/bigger valves. It doesn't like to
> spin past about 6500, however, this is a
> stump-puller, not a high revver.

> Ian

Ian, that's great. What did you use to do the porting yourself?

I wish I could have seen the looks on the Camaro owners faces in the early 80's, when these new imports pulled up on them, and then walkd away. It must have been great. You know, it's probally no diffrent from the looks we get, when we do it now! :)

Have fun with your car.

Chris Behney
Redline Autosports

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Let me know how it turns out.

> I used an air die grinder and some carbide
> deburring bits to do my port job. I don't
> have access to a flow bench, so I didn't get
> crazy. I concentrated on blending the bowls
> to seats and seats to combustion chambers. I
> polished the chambers w/some sanding disks I
> got from Cylinder Head Abrasives in
> Sacramento, Ca. I also had a local maching
> shop do a good 5 angle valve job. That is
> all you really need for a street port. I
> also gasket matched the intake to head and
> installed some dowel pins to align during
> installation. That's it. I'm sure that the
> ports don't flow exactly the same but it
> seems to work. I can't afford to have a
> professional port job done, so this was my
> alternative. BTW, my 240Z turbo does a 13.4
> @ 107. It has a bone stock L28ET and
> automatic. I just got another F54 block and
> P90 head so I will be building a motor for
> the turbo 240Z soon. I would like to be in
> the 400 to 500 hp realm like
> 240turbo. We will see as my
> budget is not so great. It will take a lot
> of time.

> Ian

Great time. Turbo really helps you tear up the back halk of the track, I bet. I get all of my speed up at the begining, and pull off on most everything I have ever run, and then imake them catch me, in the back half.

The only cars I have seen walk away from me out of the hole, are an NSX,(Should have kept my mouth shut. But he let me keep my money. What a nice guy), a 470 horsepower '96 300ZXTT(Once again, mouth got carried away), and a Twin Turbo RX-7(got lucky!). I admire Turbo cars for their absolutly, Bahn-Storming acceleration in the high rpm, but I just havn't been convinced enough to go the turbo route yet.

How much does the 240 weigh compared to the 280ZX that the motor came in. We think the power:weight ratio is good in a turbo ZX, I guess in the 240, it's multiplied!

Kinda makes me think about getting a turbo motor. Man I hate it when these ieas get into my head. (The are alwasy so expensive to get rid of!)

Chris Behney
Reline Autosports
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