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Turbo spacer. / aluminum? SS?

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got the new turbo today. I was under the impression that the t3/t04e no spacer was required. well turns out i need one as well as longer studs in the manifold. .
My question is can i machine the spacer out of aluminum? 6061 plate stock.ive got a bunch here and it is already 1" thick
Pics for your [email protected]@king enjoyment T3/T04E 57/63 stage 3

Turbine side on new one much bigger than old one , is bigger than it looks . Old turbo on the left is wimpy

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Negative, ghost rider.....

Aluminum in the exhaust that close to the motor under those kinds of presure is a no-no......

The melting point of aluminum is much to low to consider using it under those conditions
stainless or mild steel then. wasnt sure if cause the aluminum was to be so thick. 1" if it would met dowmn or not.
Go with a 1/2" spacer in mild steel. HKS sells one for about 20.00 ready to bolt on, but you may want to port match the whole setup to the sixe of the spacer. I would highly recommend port matching the exhaust manifold and the turbo inlet to the spacer.
Just out od curiosity, why didn't you use a stock Nissan exhaust turbine housing?
JeffP- I had James T machine this for me.
I will take your advice port matching the manifold and turbo inlet. thank you
the turbo on the left looks new too....on my volvo, its all rusted, but it still works!!!!
I have the flange for the downpipe, and you can use a standard T3 flange for a spacer.
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