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turbo or super charge?

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i have an 82 zx and i want to make it faster, its automatic and i dont like the slowness. i was wondering which would be easier to do a turbo charge or super charge? also which is cheaper? i know my car was not made for it and will break crap but its getting old to the point where i think i am just gonna buy a turbo engine when it dies. also if u guys know where i could look to buy a supercharger or turbo

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Put a couple moth balls in the gas tank......you'll have a rocket until it goes boom!
Turbo would be the way to go in my opinion. Cheaper than a super charger. Turbo ZX's are becoming harder to find at a cheap price but they are still out there.

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Make life interesting. Dump a small block in it.
It will not keep up with traffic or able to drive at posted speeds? It should be able to do that.
From what i have read turbos are cheaper than superchargers but i wouldn't really know. I'm just N/A...
Re: turbo or supercharge?


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i read this thing about turbo and super chargers. i believe the turbo charger is less expensive and also a better way to go since it doesnt require hp to run itself like the super charger does. at least thats what ive been told. anyways if it was me then id go with the turbo charger.
a superturbo is best.
in my opinions turbo is the way to go and hey if it aint fast enough just get another one :p
If you're a pioneer then go with the super charger, if not, the 280zx came out of the factory with a Turbo Edition Engine....

There ya go

I drive a stock 82zxt, and I have to say, its very fast

Have no idea, what it could do in the 1/4, and not going to be finding out.

All I know when you put your foot in it, it rockets, good enough for me.

On a Z it makes much more sense to go turbo since you dont need any expensive custom parts.
Either Jim Cooke or Jim Wolf make a supercharger kit for the Z...but it's like $3000 or something. Turbos are much cheaper.
**** only $3000 for a supercharger kit? I enquired about a turbo kit for my 82 280zx (in australia) and i was quoted $3500 for a carby setup which is illegal in australia. hmmmm
How could you need a turbo kit? You have the turbo engine already....the only thing you differ in, is flat top pistons instead of dished. Swap to a low compression piston and put on the manifolds, injectors, wiring, etc and you have a turbo motor.
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