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Turbo Engine Strength????

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At what point is to much psi for a 1983 turbo engine? What needs to be done to prevent blowing a metal head gasket? Are larger head bolts a must if going over a certain psi?

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visit jeffps site....


awesome build....
Well on a stock ZX Turbo motor, you can run right at 300hp. However with stock rods and crank in good shape, but with forged pistons, and enough fuel and all, you can run 500hp. But you're going to need to rebuild it, put in good ARP bolts, and just high quality stuff wherever you can to help ensure it's longevity. Then with a big ass turbo, you can run mega power. Of course by then you're making more power than the drivetrain can handle and all. You're limited, not by the turbo or motor itself, but the transmission, drive shaft, rear end, wheel width, etc. But the block and all is nearly bulletproof, c'mon it's a Nissan...kings of over engineering.
you didn't tell him a psi though which is what he was looking for.... from looking through jeff's site it looks as if he has ran the car to 27psi.... don't know if that is his normal operating pressure or not though...
you wont blow the metal head gasket (it would be much better if you did)... you'll prbly blow the pistons to pieces first....
I know a guy who runs 23 psi on stock nissan pistons and everthing else in the engine, and he puts 420 to the ground in his race car, the trick is to NEVER let it ping.
oh, that's normal...

his goal is 30, depending on HP production.
He may well be there now at only 27psi...
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