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Turbo choice

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Ok. So I'm in a stage where I want to start planning the right turbos for my future build. This is based on if I want to continue racing my car in the future. I want something with relatively "fair" spool up characteristics, so something like Sport 700s are out. I want a turbo that is well rounded and provides efficient boost up to 17-19PSI. Currently I make 430 to the wheels, and am not interested in more, if I so happen to make over that, fine, but I dont want or need more. I would not like to be below 400 though. I am considering sport 600s, but dont think those are ball bearing. I dont even know if BB vs Journal bearing makes a difference. Also will under no circumstance even consider a Z1 turbo so please dont suggest them.
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Well, from what I've read I believe that bb turbo's have better spooling characteristics than journal bearing turbos.
How do you feel about these?
those work for me. I just wasnt sure about how much overhead they have. since its only a few hundred bucks more for 600s you know? Plus those are 5bolts where 600s i believe are 4bolts. If I go with a 5bolt turbo, I'm ganna go ahead and get the SZ expansion down pipes and 3 to 2.5" test pipes.
Lum I thought you already have the 530s? You're making 430whp on what turbo if not the 530s? If you're opposed to Z1, I'm going to guess that you're also opposed to Coz. Call SpecialtyZ and tell them what you're looking to do...
I have some bastardized turbos. Turbochargers.com built them, and i bought them off a member when I was in a pinch and he hooked me up. They work fine, I just dont like their characteristics.
Hey lum...

other than one seizing prematurely, I really like the GT2560R. They run about 900 to 950 apiece. I think the seizure is probably because I didn't have filters on the turbos. I talked to Tial performance, and they said they had seen a couple come back in where something had bypassed the filter, and gotten into the turbo and galled up the race and ruined the bearings. I am going to put filters on each turbo when the car goes back together to avoid this in the future.

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How much modification or "other" stuff do you need on top of these turbos?
IMO, BB vs JB, id choose Journaly Bearing. If the right (NICE) journal bearing is used it will have the same characterstics as a BB turbo. Problem is, most of these turbo companies (Z1, Coz etc) are using off the shelf kits, parts etc to keep costs down but yield more money in their pocket. A bb turbo is actually more prone to failure as well, if a little bit of dirt were to get into a BB turbo, the bearings would be toast. NO question. A journal bearing, again IMO can take more abuse that a BB turbo.
Heres a video of my friends turbo we built at Turbo Concepts
Luminar said:
How much modification or "other" stuff do you need on top of these turbos?
I had to clock them differently...

and make brackets for the actuators. Also had to cut and re-weld the intake pipe on the passenger side at a different angle. Other than that, not much. It wasn't that tough.
Lum...my GT675RS' are strong...spool nicely for a larger turbo then kick like a bull that has just learned he owes the IRS $10k. The car's downright dangerous under WOT if you're not ready for it.

Personally, I'd go 2530's any day. I've driven a couple Z's with these and think they're as close to being the "ideal" turbos for the Z32 (mix of streetable performance vs. value).
I think you should get these http://conceptzperformance.com/Cart/description.php?II=154&Car_Type=300&UID=!! (or bigger)

And after that, we should go for another ride ;D
Haha im just messin arround...
Good infromation Zin thanks! My 2560Rs are not quite as insane as you describe but then again i am only running 16lbs of boost and i have a slush box that prolly absorbs some HP. Its not an instant-on kick in the arse, its quick spool and a hard kick but not quite as violent like you described.
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