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TT 5 speed transmission ID ?

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With the transmission removed from the car, how do you identify a TT 5 speed from a NA 5 speed? Thanks guys!
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the bell housing has a different inside diameter. To my knowledge there isnt any sort of "Serial number" unless you could find a part number stamped onto it somewhere. But take a known TT flywheel to it, and if it has trouble fitting, its an NA transmission.
I had heard that was the case. Does anyone have a measurement for a tt flywheel?
I have one for an N/a stock flywheel I can get for you if you'd like.
My NA flywheel fits in the bell housing with about a quarter of an inch space all the way around. How much bigger is a TT flywheel?
you have the correct transmission.
Do you mean correct for NA?
yeah. a TT flywheel wont fit in an unground NA bell housing.

Unless you put a TT flywheel into a TT transmission. Why do you question whats in your car? was there reason to assume you have an NA or TT trans? They shouldnt make any difference, I ran an NA transmission for a long time with my TT swap, I just ground the bell housing to accept a TT flywheel and Shimmed the starter.
The guy I got it from said he put a TT trans in it, I wanted to check and make sure he did it right ( which he didnt) and to determine what trans it really is.
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