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TSV ....????

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Hey guys... can anyone send me a picture of the TSV?
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The TSV is what exactly??

I was gonna ask that a few hours ago.. I tried to do some research.. and there is a list about 30 items long as to what TSV stands for... From a town to Today's special value...
Maybe he means TPS?
Which is why I requested a more specific description.

Throttle Suction Valve?

Yes Throttle Suction Valve...
The throttle suction valve is located inside the evaporator housing. It is the larger of the two valves that are in the housing. It is connected to the lower pressure line. I take it you need to gut it.

I also did some searching, Can't find one single picture. I seriously looked on google imgs and "The photo guide to the z32" for like 2 hours lol
Yea man... same here..... searched online too many times .. haha.. I would have thought one of you guys would have had at least a picture... But i guess not.. =(... anyways... its not that i don't get what you guys tell me to do, but I'm more of a visual learner than anything else....Anyways.. I searched all the forums in here and found one that had pictures, but i don't know why my computer won't let me see them. My conclusion was that maybe the pictures exceeded their bandwith and it can no longer be displayed... just like the one from courtesy nissan...On a side note. I just bought a Heater Core for my 1991 Nissan 300zx and was wondering if it is in that component? or could it be in A/C component? sorry im a newbie and all of this.....
The TSV is what regulates the amount of freon in your AC coil....
What are you doing... trying to get the A/C working again??
What are your symptoms?

Symptoms :
A/C diagnostic shows no problems with climate control or sensors.
I get ambient temp air when the A/C is on full blast.
My compressor functions normally and my lines are cooling/frosting.

All i really need are pictures.....
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