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81 280zx auto
is the throttle position sensor the same as the throttle valve switch?
and physically where is the tps located to do what was posted for an engine no rev (kind of surging) past 2800rpm's. drying contacts etc
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Yes it is. More info here:


The RPM setting that the idle contacts open is year dependant, the 1981 is 900 RPM. The procedure is in the above post.
TPS #s for 75-78Zs


Great write up in the posted link !

Off the top of your head do you know of the rpm range for idle contact and WOT settings on the 75-78 280s

TVS per FSM 75-76 & 1977

Inital TVS setting is acomplished by blocking the throttle at the stop screw with a .051" feeler, lossening machine screws and rotating Sw. assy. until continuity is lost on pins #2 & #18.

I thought I had read in the EFI handbook that 1400 RPM was break point for the idle circuit on this series of EFI?

Any truth to this myth / urban legend?

TFYT - Thanks for your time

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