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tough electrical day... need help

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So about a month ago I bought a 1994 300zx 2+2. Been driving great for a month yesterday the bose stock stereo stopped turning on but the 3 disc changer right above it turns on and works fine. checked the fuses and they are fine too. any Ideas?

Now the weirder one. so the owner previous to me put on aftermarktet indiglo pedal covers (hideous I know and i hate them). so on a long drive from sonoma to sacramento CA with no radio and all I could here is the whining buzz of the pedals I unplyugged them. Shutting off my dash lights, head lights and tail lights. Leaving only my left Highbeam light to drive with.

Now its the next morning and ive gone through every logical thing to try and figure a way to get the headlights back on and to original (pre stupid pedals) condition to no avail. Any help guys would be awesome

the aforementioned stupid pedals

in the back of the car where a wire was tapped into the tail lights

where that same wire connected to the pedal assembly
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I'm not an expert, but it seems like he wired it in series with the interior lights? Maybe you could put a jumper wire in place of the pedals? Just throwing out an idea.
The interior lights still work. Just dash tail and headlights that don't work
Typically when only the high beams are working with no dash lights or low beams - that means a fuse in the cabin fuse box (down by clutch pedal) went bad. It's labeled as "illumination". Check that fuse and if it's out tape up whatever wires you disconnected since something is shorting out....

PS - Carefully check that fuse - often folks report back it looks good only to find it really is bad (happens pretty often with postings)....
That did it! headlights back on! I knew it would be something simple and i spent too much time check every other fuse :p

Now before I had said my Bose stereo has completely lost power. I know everyone is saying "check the fuses" And I have well audio 1 and 2

could it be any of the others?
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im not sure how bose does things but most cd players have a fuse on the back side of the cd player you may have to take apart your cd player/center venter cluster to check but like i said i dont know anything about bose but im assuming they got a fuse on it somewhere if not on the back of the cd player then under the hood by the batt usually
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