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Top Gun

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Has anyone seen top gun? HAHA of course you have! Ever notice this scene?


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AWESOME website, THanks
Oswego County, NY. The Z is clawing at the doors, but, alas they are frozen shut!!! Best it not be revealed to the pristine, packed powder parking lots lest it's owner end up in jail!! The back roads are now bobsled runs with banks you can nerf off and keep going!...I'll wait till tomorrow when the banks are higher!
There are actually two different Zs in the movie. See if you can find the other.
There is another one while she is driving on another street. Can you find the third scene that there is one?
as a matter of fact i have. i notice every z in every movie.. so far the z that has had the most camera time is jim carey in the movie where he meets god played by morgan freeman.. the name escapes me right now but jim owns a green 280!
^^^ "Bruce Almighty", its a silver 2+2.
There was 3 in Falling Down.
jaket2K9 said:
There was 3 in Falling Down.
The world's best movie.

There are some eminently quotable lines in that one!

My favorite: "Next time write it in ENGLISH so everyone can read it!"

It's an L.A. thing...
"and now your gonna die wearing that stupid little hat."
That's a pretty cool shot.
For awhile theres a s130 that appears in Knite Rider the origional series.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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