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top gear USA

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I watched the new top gear on history and it was horrible. The only good part if any was when they had Buzz Aldren drive. They where trembling at what BBC Top Gear would consider slow. They are doing a show about Zs next week as a heads up and it allready doesnt look pretty.
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Honestly, I thought the viper being chased by a helicopter thing was pretty cool. The guys were kind of annoying though. The BBC one is definitely better.
Not nearly as entertaining as the Brits.

There was also a white Z31 being shown in that video montage for the season at the beginning of the show for a split second.
Come on, everyone in the world knows it will never be as good as the original. I think they are hoping for 'just good enough' to sell some adverts...
Jay Leno originally turned down the opportunity to host Top Gear America, because he was afraid the American version would ruin it. Can someone explain to me why the brilliant minds running these broadcast empires thought it would be a good idea to take the best thing about Top Gear (the hosts) and completely ignore it when bringing the show to America? I find it hard to believe that NBC or CBS or any other channel wouldn't get great viewer ship if they just broadcast the original on something like saturday nights, or after Sunday Night Football. I do realize that the show flopped on Discovery a few years ago, but I think it has gained enough of a foot hold here to be tried again, in it's true form.
Your right on that. Deadliest Catch as an example was so popular here that PBS started airing it and it works very well. But when Discovery started Lobster men it didn't even make an impression.
Just watched that episode.. I would agree that it is not quite as entertaining as the original, and the hosts were extremely annoying. But still, I enjoy watching crazy experiments with nice cars so I watched the whole thing.
My take; unless you are already staying up or are directly in front of a TV, tape, Tivo or DVR this show. Good fill in when you have some spare time.
U.S. TV types are not car people. They are bottom line wonks and everyone is desperate to find the next Big Thing. Some stuff works - Like Dancing With The Stars - which now has a very questionable spin off Skating With The Stars - and some stuff just doesn't.

I'll tape the U.S. Top Gear for a while and see if there is any improvement.
You guys need to remember that it is their very first show. It is terribly unfair to judge the whole show off the first airing. Sure, they forced everything and it all seem far to rehearsed. As time goes on they will get more comfortable with each other and with being on the air and hopefully they will go off script a lot more. The camera work was great so there is no need for improvement there. I think they just need to get more comfortable with each other and it will be a show worth watching.

Top Gear UK went through 3 different changes in hosts before they came to what they have now.

If it was a replacement of Top Gear UK I would be infuriated, but it isn't; it's an add-on. Lets just give it some time. I think this one has more potential than either TG Aus or TG Rus had.
We'll see.... They said that they allready got 10 weeks "1 season" done if things go for them and they make a few revisions then it might get Mythbusters good I just hope they work more on orignality that was the biggest draw on it. The one maybe worth seeing is they got a pickup compatition from what they had in their trailers.
I agree to give Top Gear USA some time - but -

who are the three hosts? Are they car writers, testers, racers - I would like to know what thier credentials are to rate the cars.

Right now the three just don't have any personality or entertainment value that the UK blokes have.
I think the fat ones on Speed Channel allot the other two I dunno.
yeah i'd like to see where they take this show. all good shows have spinoffs and spinoffs in other countries. what made the britt show funny for me is that they just hate on american made cars. i just find that hillarious. but they are entertaining. they should have started the first episode with a little bio of the other drivers.
erzelda said:
I who are the three hosts?
Tanner Foust is in formula d, used to drift 350Z's. No clue who the other guys are.
Re:tanner gear USA

Tanner is going to teach a blind man to drift z car this week.
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Thanks for the post - that clears things up except for the comedian. I'll give the show some time - but?

So what's with calling the American driver the Stig? I mean it's one thing to lift the format and ideas but unless you're going to have Brits do the show try a little more imagination - we get it's Top Gear but -

well the show needs to find it's own niche. I wish it well.

And bashing American cars is a european sport - but they have different driving conditions than we do.

We were raise of big straight line driving Detroit iron - handling was never much of a concern until more recently.

Detroit brass always thought what they thought was best for the rest of us. Sometimes it's comforting driving you living room cross country - but not as a daily driver.
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erzelda said:

And bashing American cars is a european sport - but they have different driving conditions than we do.
Only if my mom figured that out, she keeps wantin an audi....
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