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Tokico HP/Springs or else !!!!

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I'm ready to purchase a set of Tokico springs and shocks ... the best price I found so far is $359 ... is there a better price out there ??
, no ebay please ..
Also... is there another combination to lower the car that you may recommend other than the Tokico package that works well ???
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Where did you find your price.

I am ready to buy me some also.

Please share.
Sounds like a group buy is in order!!
ST springs and sway bars with Illuminas on mine. I've been pleased. Lowered my car about an inch and a half.
I think I saw this on ebay..........

these people have springs for Z's too. Local Z shop used 'em a lot...

I have them on my '75....
the price I found was on Ebay ...
I forgot the name of the company, but just do a search on 280zx Tokico and it will pull up ...

Soooo ... is the Tokico way the way to go ???
I bought a set from JDMWerks13 on Ebay last week. New Tokico HPs and Springs in a package for $369, shipping included. I received them a few days later. Now if the rain would just let up for a day I will put them in!

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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