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Tokico HP shocks/springs

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OK I know everyone is going to think I suck for saying this, but my car is so bumpy with these shocks! I also have MSA sway bars & all urethane bushings, so that might be affecting it too. Seriously, it's great when I want to take a corner at 40 mph, but a lot of times it just gets annoying (you have to brace your body for the bumps) and my girlfriend hates it of course. has anyone else found these to be so stiff? i'm wondering if maybe mine just went bad or something....
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yup it is stiff. I have the same.

I guess you need better roads (like I do here).

Try a 300zx for a comfy ride.
I feel your pain. The seams in these concrete super slabs, thump thump...........thump thump
Keeps me awake:)

Think your car's bumpy? I have the exact same setup as you, but with aluminum/delrin bushings. TALK about some major bumps and rattles--also a welded diffy mount...hah~~if you wanted luxury, shoulda gone with the "x" a la ZX!~

I am running the Euro stage 1 springs on my 240 and they are even a little rough with KYB shocks. A friend of mine had the Tokico springs and hated them he took his off.

if you think thats rough, come take a ride in my coilovered z. my z plus california roads dont mix.
hp rough? what will my 240 illuminas feel like on 5?!?! poly bushings, sway bars, everything. i WAS excited!
Tokico ride is fun on good roads but when the roads are bad, it shakes you so much that steering and braking are awkward. I don't like that. Especially with manual steering, you need to push hard on the wheel st times and bouncing in your seat is a drag.

The Tokico suspension grips well when hitting a single bump, even when cornering.
Hate to say it but...

that is the point.
well good i'm glad i didn't just get bad shocks. I have taken them off and put stock struts/shocks/springs back on. I miss the lowered look, but it rides sooooo smooth now i like it. and it still corners well (i think the sway bars help out with that a lot).

anyways i'm going to try to sell them on ebay. i only used them for about 6-8 months but i know i can't expect the $400 back that i paid to get them. but hey if i get $100 i'll be happy (that's how much the new autozone shocks/struts cost me). thanks for your replies!
Ya its stiff, but just make sure you take every corner going at least 50 mph, and its totaly worth it!
Tokico springs & struts, MSA sway bars, U-bushings thru out. Now the ride is bumppppy on rough roads, feel every expansion joint. I really hate concrete highways now! But, when on a twisty, asphalt stretch of road, I love the cornering and no more radical squat on launch.
Well, I hate the "smooth" ride of my car. If anybody is selling their unwanted HP's for cheap, let me know.
What do you guys recomend for an inbetween mix of bumppy and smoth??
Some here will say don't use them but I am happy and so is ASE_MAT with Monroe sensitrack strut inserts.
Tokico Illumina's on setting 1 are smooth (relatively) LOL
KEINoze - I am selling my HP's, i just put them on ebay a few hours ago, but they are for a 280zx, not the earlier models.
Tires also make a huge difference in ride quality. 45-50 series tires will beat you up MUCH worse then 60's. Again it becomes a trade off on what you can deal with. I'm a big fan of TMC (traction master corporation) springs, too bad they don't seem to have a web site. We've installed hundreds of them over the years and never had anyone bitch about them being -too- rough.
i have a 76 280z that im trying to take off the emissions. i took the old gas tank out and have replaced it with a fuel cell, there was a hose that wen from the tank to the the emission's bucket in the front of the car. did you just clamp it off
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