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> Does anybody know what the widest tires i
> can run on the back of a 83 280zxt. I have
> 215/60-15 do you think i can get away with
> 225 or 235.

I run 225-60 15 Yokahoma AVS's on my 83 turbo with aftermarket 15x7 wheels with no problems as far as clearence goes. The only problems that I have is that the 225's look much (1 inch) taller than the 205's I run on the front. I guess if you're running 225's all around then this is not an issue. Next time I will either get 225's all around or 205/60 in the front and 225/55's in the rear so that it will be wider but not so much taller in the rear. I also felt a slight decrease in off the line preformance since the rears not have a larger diameter.

The reason I went with a wider tire in the rear and not the front in the first place was to try to control the rear end while I'm autocrossing. It helped some during braking (lift throttle oversteer is still a real problem), and helped control wheelspin coming out of the corners(aren't turbo's FUN!!).

I must say that the car looks really good with a slightly wider rear tire. Really fills out the wheel wells

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