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Tire Sizes! (for zxt rim owners)

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Im running stock '83 ZXT Rims(15)and i went to wall-mart to get sometires.
Seems like a simple situation ,right? WRONG!!

I go there /w intentions to buy tires sized 215/75/R15. So after telling them the desired size they go to look for tires. They only have Michilans in that size (IM workin on a $200 budget) so i say that i wouldnt mind 215/70/R15.............but then after saying they did have that size, they tell me they dont have that size....................so then they offer me 215/60/R15 but they only had that size in good-year (I again have to get 4 tires for under $200) then after I decline the good-years because i dont have enough funds.

After I declined they told me that my rims ('83 ZXT Rims) would ONLY fit a 60-Series tire..............so I walked in the shop, grabed my 4 rims and left!!

Which brings me to my original purpose, to ask you guys what size tires you have on your ZXT rims.
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Um, I had 15s on a Z of mine and ran a 215/60/15. Why the **** would you want a 75 series tire? You planning on going offroad? If you REALLY need new tires, then go to a smaller garage and look for used tires. Anyways, why are you limiting yourself to $200? Just save up and get some better tires.
ok 215/60/R15 sounds good, but my reason for limiting myself to 200 is simple................my z is siting up on 2 jacks (not jack stands) and that is all the money i have right now.........and im 16 so i only work weekends for $6/hour so money isnt that abundant

order from them. kumho touring 215/60/15 for $44 each. at victoria tire they are $51 each. trust tirerack.

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Oooooooh ok, you're 16...then that makes it ok :) Check out www.victoriatire.com They have some pretty good prices. I'd never buy anything from Tire Rack personally.
I believe the stock turbo tire size was 205/60/r15.
Are all tires priced the same way? Victoria Tire's prices have always entertained me, even though I've never actually bought any tires on the net before :) I just like em.
Depends on whatever middleman your dealing with. While some middlemen only have to charge 5% over what they pay for to make a profit while other middlemen may have to charge 10% over what they pay for it to make a profit.
First off it sounds like you need the tire size calculator page to help you decide what size tires you need to run. You can't just pick random tire sizes for the car and hope that everything is going to work. Two main issues come to mind:fit and accuracy. Fit wise you need to make sure that what ever size you get is going to fit under the body without rubbing and that it's also going to fit the rim For example if you go too wide it will rub on the body plus certain rims can only hold a certain width tire safely. Second is accuracy. Is the size tire you are running going to keep your speedo reading accurate. For fitment issues you judge by the specs of the rim and how much clearance you have on the body. For a ZXT rim a 225 for width or smaller should be fine. As for accuracy a 205/60/15 works as does a 225/55/15. Anything else and your speedo will be off. As for your 200 budget thats a tough one considering not only do you have to buy the tires but then you have to pay the mounting fee, new valve stems, etc. Then there is tax. Even at 44 dollars a tire from tirerack.com as suggested above you are going to spend more than 200 bucks once you take into consideration the above mentioned fees and then shipping for the tires. If you need tires for under 200 bucks you are going to have to get used tires or go with a smaller tire like a 195 or something. I know it's hard being 16 with a two day a week partime job but honestly at 16 making 5.75 an hour two days a week I never had a problem. That was paying my own insurance of 1500 a year, gas, maintance, etc. At 17 I got my 300zx on my own and not only maintained it but modified it. Then at 18 I bought my 280z. From 18 to present at 22 I've been maintaining, fixing, and modding both my Zs at the same time all while working part time two days a week and going to school 5 days a week. I'm not trying to say I'm better or anything like that, just that it can be done as long as you have good money managment skills. At 6 dollars an hour you should be able to save a few more bucks towards your tires in one paycheck so that you don't have to worry about a 200 dollar limit. Good luck with it
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215/60 15 here.

looks great and don't rub.
215/60 is the correct size. If you're on a budget, Pep Boys sells tires for reasonable prices and some really low priced generic metric sizes. I've never had problems with any tires I've gotten from them.

215/60 is not the right size. Look at his name, he is running zxt rims on a 260z. The 260z had an original size tire of 195/75/14 which means if you run a 215/60/15 your speedo will be off by 1.7% too slow. Not a huge difference but the faster you go the more the differential will be between actual speed and speedo reading. As for the stock tire size of the 280zx turbo with 15 inch rims it came with 205/60/15 tires so the 215/60 will be to big and thus will make the speedo inaccurate by 1.9%.
Go to a big tire store and ask if they have any used tires in your size. You'd be surprised how often people upgrade to higher performance tires and leave their old ones at the shop. They may only be good for fewer miles than new ones, but at least they'll get you on the road. Some tire stores may even keep your number and call you when they get something in your size.
I have 205/60/15 on my ZXT rims on a 71 240z and they are the right size. Got Yokohama AVS from Tirerack.com and am very happy with them. I think the Yokos are discontinued but it's worth a check.

I have also gone to used tire places in the past when on a budget. Don't be scared to talk to the guy and let him know you are being picky and look at the tires yourself. It also helps if you are willing to wait and keep going back until you find tires you like.
215/60 will work fine for the wheel he is using, just like others have commented. If he was so concerned with the speedo. being off by "1.9%" at 100mph, he wouldn't have attempted purchasing 215/75 tires. He is also trying to get low priced tires, getting a low profile tire is going to be substantially more costly.

Give this a try this is from another forum i use it comes in very handy. Also I run 235 60 15 on mine and no problems.

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