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On the cover of the February 99 issue of Automobile is a picture of Nissan's concept car that would be the Nissan 240Z.

Hot **** what a slick design, thoroughly modern yet unmistakably a Z. The cover picture is a front 3/4 high angle, but the profile looks like it would fit a 240 pretty **** close. The raised portion of the Z's hood that extends towards the front is still there, although not as pronounced and doesn't extend as far towards the front. The headlights are definitely a nice modern touch that keep true to the 240's, but I'm not sure of the back. Thank god the didn't screw it up like Mitsubishi did with the newer Eclipse, the back is low, and they opted for circular tail lights. Overall a nice design.

The mechanicals for the car haven't been finalized, but it will be built upon the 240SX chassis. They talked about using the Skyline platform, but it's to big & costly for their $25,000 target range. They haven't decided on an engine eaither, saying maybe a four cylinder high output. What blasphemy, if they dare make a newer Z it had better have a 6 cylinder dammit! They did mention a 3.0 liter V-6, I would assume a tuned version that's currently in the Maxima, and I think was in the 300ZX. That would be sweet.
Nissan is an engine company, so I think they will not disappoint the enthusiasts.

I love this new car, if I could I'de go to a Nissan dealership and put a deposit on it today. But alas there is no projected production date. i would assume if they got their **** together it could be a 2001 model release, plenty of time to save up some money.

I was curious if anyone else read this article and what they thought of it. Nissan is floundering and they desperately need something to resurrect their reputation as a sports car company, and I think this could do the job.

I can't wait to see it parked in my garage next to my 260 (gee, which Z shall I take today?)

Build it, I say.
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