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The 240's have smaller rotors up front, but are the calipers the same as the 280? I was looking at them today, the junkyard closes tomorrow for good and clears everything out monday. Most of it is going to the recycler, what a shame, but I have no more room. Anyways, I got the right and left strut assembly with calipers from a 280 hoping that they are a straight bolt in, with the exception of changing springs, and then I would have bigger rotors. Has anyone done this? Does it work on a 72?
Just another note, while I was there I got for $50:
the strut assy's
another set of calipers for z front
2 sets of 280ZX 79-81 rear calipers
hood hinges
right and left rear z quarter panels
gauge assy
rebuildable ZX driveshaft (has already been changed to replacable u-joints)
2 distributors (in perfect shape)
manual rack and pinion assy
N42 head (bad but good porting practice)
two antennas (power)
2 rebuilt starters (1 geared, 1 not)
a complete interior vinyl set for 240
center console for 70
and hundreds of other parts.
Everything is in very good shape, he just has to clear the yard by tomorrow night.
Thanks for the input,
Joshua L.
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