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This was an interesting find....check it out.

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Hi folks,
My wife and I spent Christmas in Eureka Springs Arkansas. It was a nice place to be on Christmas. We were out riding around and spotted this thing. I always wonder about cars that had their day and what they were like when they were in it. This had to be something unusual. Check out the lock on the rear wheel. Thanks for looking.

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Huh very "interesting"
I’ve seen pick up trucks with a special suspension on them. The suspension allows the pick up to be able to be driven on regular roads or to ride on rails. Never a car though.
I see the amtrak pickup trucks they use for maintenance and whatnot with these special wheels that are mounted on the front and wheel bumper that can be lowered to ride the rails and raised when driving on normal roads. Great find! Would love to see that thing restored.
That is an interesting find. It looks to be an early 50's chevy. I'll bet money you could just pull the train wheels off and just bolt on car rims from that era and drive it on the road. You might have to remove the wheel well skirts.
Did you ride the train over there? They've got some pretty cool stuff over in Eureka, took the boys on a train ride over the summer, they let you flatten out coins on the rails when they turn the train around at the turn-a-round.
Dam, someone stole my anti-theft devise idea!!
Maybe a retired FD vehicle?
Run Away!!
This had to be the conductors personal ride.
the little chevy that could...
That chevy may well have been modified as a "track inspection" car when it was made. '52 or '53 is my guess.

Folks in the maountains and many parts of the country believed in using what worked. if it broke fixing was cheaper than getting new. So haow many track inspection cars are needed anyway.

Back in 1981 my truck broke won near Lake City, Colorado. Guy at the gas station picked my Ford F150 fully loaded with V8, camper and gear with a 1950 6 cyinder Chevy pick-up tow truck. He was a good mehcnanic.
Man, too bad you couldnt take it for a spin that would be interesting to see, I seen the track inspection pickups for SantaFe and union pacif on a set of little legs that come down.
Here is a cool one from Russia.

They probably corner like there on rails.
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looks like a crew transporter. very, very interesting and heavy!
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