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Re: This forum is nice, I hope it stays that way t

> I used to go on the Z forum page at
> www.autoforums.com, but when I went on this
> page I found there were a lot more people
> and a better interface. Anyways, I went to
> www.autoforums.com briefly today and I was
> really dissapointed to see a lot of the
> posts were either people badmouthing other
> people or people cussing each other out over
> which cars were faster. It was really sad,
> because for the most part I have found Z
> owners to be classy people who help each
> other out. I hope this forum doesn't ever
> turn into a brawling pit. So far it's been
> great, most everyone here is cool and tries
> to help. Thanks.

I used to go there more often, but unfortunately there is someone who just starts all sorts of flames etc under various guises, going into the mustang forum as a Z person talking trash and vice versa, (also honda/mitsubishi too) I think it could be stopped rather easily, but the owner of autoforums just doesn't give a crap about what goes on there as long as he gets the advertising revenue from his banners.

I like this forum alot better now that it has the increased traffic it didn't use to have. Plus the fact that the owner of this site is a z owner who actually has a preference and stake in Z's makes this forum a clearly better one. (Though I do wish it was a tad faster for some things) I also like the layout here much better.
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