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If I opened up my hood, took out my thingamajig, mirror-polished it, upgraded the doohickey, and lightened the spinny thing, would I have more power at the wheels? Heck, I bet if I just blended the transition from the thingamajig to the doohickey, I could call it a thingamahickey and come up with 20 horses easy.
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funny...but did I miss something?
Yeah, and if you added one of those whatchamacallits you'd add ALOT more power! I dont know if polishing your thingamjiggy will do much, but I suppose cleaning those doohickeys are an essential aspect of keeping her running smooth! Dont forget to check the adjustments on your thingys too.... never hurts!

Did you miss something there Spudea?
plus add a sticker, instant 10 hp
Man, with all those mods you'll really be able to rub one out.
Yeah, the sticker definitely helps. Also, for the front wheel drive guys out there... an excellent mod to accompany this would be a vulgar solar panel looking wing to give you better rear wheel traction! Don't forget to get that carbon fiber look everywhere in the interior...
Please tell me you arent putting front wheel drive in your Z?
You need to re-torque your nuts, they appear to be falling out of their races.
No no no.... the proper way to do it is to retouque the bolts! Retourquing the nuts will actually make the bolt loose. And while I'm at it, the proper way to align your O'reilly aluminum wing is to have the front tilted up to match the angle you sit in your seat. The farther back you sit, the farther up you tilt the wing. O-and heres a good racing tip: when you go to drag race and you take out your spare tire and jack, if you dont want to take all 15 subs out you can just take your lug wrench and undo all but one lug nut on the back wheels, and all but 2 on the front. the wheel will stay on in the front with just one lug nut but since they are the drive wheels we want two for safety sake, but that will offset the weight of the subs in the trunk because the rotating mass is reduced now(fewer lug nuts)so no need to remove the subs! Remember, mount your Nitrous tanks however they look the best and the glow of neon actually reduces friction between you and the ground. Happy rice burning!
Watch polishing your thingamajig, you can go blind from that.
Using synthetic grease on your muffler bearings is another little secret.
I'm selling high performance stickers if ya want. They have half the weight of most stickers, which means their HP/weight ratio is twice as much.I'll include a dyno sheet for ya to show all your friends, too.
You didn't finish the job.. You need to stay offline for a while and work more on your car.. Not to mention doing some reading in the FSM..
lol!! Kellysguy!

Pallnet.....I try reading the FSM....how come it doesnt work for me?? *sighs*
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