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Has anyone ever themed thier Z car? Like put the USAF Symbol on the hood or anything? Any pictures?
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No never, that would be cutting edge and nobody would have ever thought about this ever before in the lifetime of the vehicle.

Not even people who REALLY were in the USAF, stationed overseas, supporting F15's with full access to the decals, stencils, and the corrosion barn on the weekend.

You would be the first ever.

A 'themed' car, wow, the implication and brainpower for that idea staggers me with it's innovation and novelty. Wow.
WOW we are feeling a little sarcastic today! I did not know if that was frowned upon in the Z car community.
It goes back to that damnable spooner streak you're exhibiting. Even Drivelboy found links to Themed Z's.

It's not that I hate you or anything. I just hate to see people so damnably lazy they don't expend even the LEAST bit of effort before they puke forth a question which is easily answered by far fewer keystrokes and a click...

That attidude I detest.

And no, I don't feel particularly sarcastic, why? Do you sense some in my prior post? Maybe the above couple of sentences explains why
Tony Woke up on the wrong side of the year again.

To one and all - soo freakin what!

Sometimes guys just want to spark some actual Car Talk. Sure you can look up what has been posted - but people waqnt to engage in the or a discussion now.

Tony and other oldsters know I used to do that alot.

This is for stimulation and discussion ice breakers to get something started in the way of communication.

So to answer the question -

Yes - plans are in the works when ZXelda gets repainted:

Now follow this carefully -

Zelda from Griselda is an old Celtic word for "Female Warrior".

Well I came across an old WWII regimental car badge that shows the Pegasus Company (WWII British Paratroopers) insignia. Also patches and some curent made lapel pins.

Well the actual Pegasus Co. symbol is Greek Warrior Bellophone on the Winged Pegasus. Nice looking badge.

But -

The manufacturers didn't quite get the figure right. The items I found made Bellophone look like a female warrior - instead of a feathered head dress - like the war bonnet of a plains Indian (American Native immigree before ICE)

the figure looks to have long flowing hair - (female) and instead of the etched pectoral and ab musceld warrior breat plate - you get - naked looking female breasts - bare - Barbie doll proportions.

Soo - ZXelda instead of a Z badges will have a ZXelda badge coutesey of a fine old historic regiment.

Instead of just a Z emblem I have found stylized dragons that form a Z.

Now beside color co-ordinating the dog (Golden Lab) to ZXelda's interior - she will have a "theme".
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From time to time you'll see Z's with the "rising sun" painted on the hood.
My parts zx has that rusty donut hole theme. ;D
But erzelda- I like your theme and would really like to see pics of the emblems.They sound great from your description.
If we didn't have threads like this tony would have nothing to post about. Who else is willing to take on the job of running as many people as possible away from this site?
zxtoy said:
If we didn't have threads like this...
This guy here built the car around the engines history, a Merlin V-12 in a Bel Air but he also did all the work to make it a working theme car. He starts it like any other prop aircraft and not like a normal car where you just turn the switch and go. He goes through turning switches , priming, engine speed, engine throttle etc. He didn't build a Bel Air with just a V-12 he built a work of art.


Thats of course you like going the extra 100 miles.

Heck get a midnight blue and a hornet yellow and go for a blue angels style look with USAAF guts and make switches that work, then go the extra 9 yards and get a joystick gut it out put a threaded tube in and make it your shift knob.
HAHA Blue Angel...right (they are Navy). Anyway, Tony D, If you would have checked those linked obove you would have found that those all lead to MUSTANGS that the USAF has remade...not Z Cars.
No, Ed it's:

Yes, Mustangs. You obviously can't read my post which alludes to misappropriation of government assets (the OSI would refer to it as 'Theft of Government Property' punishable under the UCMJ.)
Lets just say you seem to be like the guy in Oklahoma who linked the video of his Vette doing 195 outside OKC in his Craigslist ad trying to sell the car. Some people are plainly stupid and incriminate themselves (or others) for doing stuff. You obviously get offended easily and from that point stop reading and comprehending what Iis being written.

This is another instance where your poor skills at prose have elicited a response you didn't want or expect, but where someone such as I could simply have answered "YES" and hten asked the thread be locked and we all move on.

O.K. here is the answer you looked for:

Now let me guess, you have follow up questions---well you scan the photo album from 1986 and we'll post the photos. Until then I'm sticking to 'yes' and my prior statements. What, do you need an example to copy? Why not be creative and come up with it yourself? Or are you afraid it will look dorky and people will ridicule the vehicle when it's done?

Why do I see you as someone who will have that 'stress card' ready at hand during basic training?
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Stress card!? We had a company next to us with them. They were the biggest whiners on the post.

To the OP. Just do what you want. Who cares if its original or what it looks like. If YOU are happy with YOUR build then you have accomplished your mission.
That is what I am going to do.

And on the subject of Stress cards my mother joined the army during that time... She tells many stories about them...most of the people thought them to be a joke. No one in her company/platoon or whatever (I am Air Force so I do not know the Army term for a Squadron) had one.
"You are Air Force"

I call B.S. what is your AFSC and what is your BMTS SQDN?

CAP is NOT USAF. Get that straight now, CADET!
And to clarify, 'stress cards' were after my time.
Matter of fact, when I was in, they DID ASK...

I missed all the kinder gentler experiments of the 90's. Stress Cards, DADT, rewriting of the Weight Management Regulations due to lawsuits...
I've heard of the stress cards, but have never actually seen them used. If I ever have to answer the call to be a drill sergeant I suppose I'll find out.
When I said I am Air Force that was referring to being knowledgeable of it. CAP is not the Air Force, no I and all the 22,000 other members know that. In CAP we use all the terms as the Air Force. That is where we get the knowledge. Do not blow up at every single little thing. I think all you do is look for things to start an argument over.

And they do not use stress cards anymore...I heard they were actually a myth. Could be wrong
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