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Jim was invited to stay with Brent and myself.He had wreaked his car
after drinking to much at his last birhtday party... He stayed with
us for aproximately three weeks. Brent was nice enough to relocate
two of or children so that Jim might have his own room to stay in.
This was through the Christmas holidays so it was a little difficult
for the entire family. Brent did not ask for any money for any
services on the car nor was the car that Jim bought his. In fact,
Brent sacrificed his own time in place of attempting business. As
for the present I purchased, I paid his girl friend back that day
right in front of him! While Jim was here we made sustancial long
distance travel for him because he had no car. We helped shipped
orders. As for the phone calls he made them from our house.His
girlfriend NEVER payed for food for anyone other than the two of
them. When Jim came back again in mid Jan. (yes Again). .We let him
use our Car Hauler to take his car home all the way to Florida! Not
everyone would do this for someone you don't know. When he came
back it was just I was the only one home at the time. Jim would not
leave and was very overwelming. He kept tring to take things that
belong to Brent. I almost had to call the Police for fear of his
increasing hostility!

As for the so called Z club.Brent did'nt take anything from anyone.
They are upset that we attempt to be as active as we are in the Z
Community and feel this to be somewhat threatening. It also stems
from a forgotten issue with one of the members that could have been
handled had there have been some sort of disscussion between the
two. If any of you know Brent, you know that he would give his
shirt off his back to help.The reason Brent doesn't responed to any
of these hostile questions is that he is not going to lower to your
to level.
Isn't it a shame that the people you try to help and call friends
try to hurt you worse than the people you just do business with.....
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