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The rain is comming in!

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its raining over here! time to start shooting vids.

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I laugh at your fears of RAIN!!!!!! But then last time I laughed at a Californian for mentioning "Rain days" I was stuck behind duel landslides both ways for a week and a half.

And now I belive in bad Karma.....
fears of rain? nah, rainy days are the fun days! hahah
I love rain days. I feel very good when fain is running and car drive.
Ok heres the full story for I love telling them..

It was my final week before school started up in the summer and I was in San Deago visiting family in temecula how ever the heck you spell it. Anyways my brother and I mentioned a storm over near where my aunt lives near Yucca vally to my cousin and she said " I hope its a rain day that would mean no school!" I started laughing at her like she feared the sun Iam gussing Karma was sitting behind me thinking "Jake... Your gonna get rain.... lots and lots of rain.... you will feel their fear of RAIN!" So after we got home it was sunny for the next 3 weeks but at night we had lightning. This was odd and it got worse and worse then one day we had a massive snow it got a foot deep then it started to rain. This caused mudslides soo bad I watched a tree take a house off its foundation. My yard was a small lake, the neighbers where on high ground, hghwy 101 was shut down for the whole penensula it was nuts!
I noted that this was last year -

so what was it like - rain I mean.

Down in Texas we're starting to think rain is just a myth like Big Foot or responsible Government.
We been hogging all the rain. Last 3 days its been on and off.
Yeah - it's been a while since we had a good soaking - even the cactus are panhandleing with little cups - "Buddy can you spare a drop or two?"
Well jokes over, its so sunny now I actually almost spontainously combusted. On the bright side I get to play lazy boy while my little brother learns the finer art of weed whacking. So far it looks like a drunk did it.
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