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The Project So Far

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Its been about 3 weeks since the Z has arrived and so far I found that the rear main "leak" was really just an oil pan gasket. One of the previous owners wasnt exactly fantastic at installing the gasket during the rebuild 10k miles ago "apparently". I removed the pan which was insanely simple by just removing the engine mount bolts and jacking the engine up about 4 inches, it slid right out. Cleaned up the pan and used aviation permatex #3 based on a recommedation from my local Datsun guru. Went back in as easy as it came out. This time I had a pair of the renforcement brackets that seemed to be almost an unknown item alone, again, my local Datsun guru actually had some on hand, 40 bucks well spent....kinda. Installed the brackets, that seemed more difficulty because of the years of wear and tear on the metal. I had straightened them as best as possible and even drilled some of the holes larger for those that didnt line up perfectly. After install I cranked it up, no leaks. Went on a much needed joy ride to drive home to oil pissing everywhere. Amazing. After checking the leaks i noticed they were coming from where the brackets were. This is when I realized they needed to go through heat cycles, all the bolts were loose on the brackets again. after 2 heat cycles the L bracket was finally good to go. The straight bracket no so much. I ended up removing the straight bracket and just zipping those bolts back in with no leaks and a paper towel test to prove it.

Oil leak fixed.

Since I have fixed the leaky triple webers (still not tuned and synched).

I diaged my odd brake pedal and after reading horror stories of the disk inside the brake booster I thought this was my issue. Started with the basics and bled the MC which had a metric ton of air inside which was great knowing I possibly fixed the issue already. Took the driver side lugs off to have one seize and snapped the stud..... Cool. Went down the street and replaced the stud which was quite easy since you could slide them out of the spindle. got the brakes back on and the springs which sucked. Went to take the passenger side wheel off, removed the drum to see what I can only describe as a wheel cylinder orgy. Brake fluid so bad it looked like diff fluid.....until the wheel cylinder began dripping as I watched. Easy fix, new cylinders ordered with new brakes and hardware. Lesson of brake diag, just do a visual inspection first.

Have a great weekend!!!

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