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I think your problem has to do more with temperature rather than humidity.
Air is more dense at lower temperatures so you engine is getting more O2
to burn on cool days. I also live in Houston and notice this affect on all my

> I have a n/a 81' 280zx. I have about 30,000
> miles on a Nissan remanufactured engine
> (dished pistons & an n47 head). I have
> put on headers, 2/5 exhaust (w/ a
> Sebring muffler), and a K&N airfilter.

> I was hoping that the mods would have given
> me a significant power increase; though I
> have not noticed that much of a difference.

> The weather here in Houston seems to vary
> the performance of the car dramatically. For
> Instance, on a warm, humid day, the car
> can't get out of its own way, but on a cool,
> dry day, it acts like a guided missile.

> Does anyone have a cure for this?

> What would another mod be that I could do to
> this engine? (I have a big-throat
> throttle-body and a high-flow cat. in mind)

> Any help you be very much appreciated.
> Thanks,
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Not open for further replies.