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> When i finished my reassembly of my engine
> and drivetrain i did the first assembly with
> the old clutch slave and master cyl. This
> worked well, but it tended to lose pressure
> (pumping would bring proper pedal feeling
> back). So I decided to replace my master and
> slave cylinder to fix the problem. The hose
> was replaced too. Now the pedal has about
> half the travel as free play and i have the
> fork on the master clyinder almost on the
> end of the screw. I put the first 500 miles
> on my car like this, but now it is really
> annoying. The clutch disengages right on the
> floor and disengages the second you budge
> your foot. I really miss the feel of the
> clutch from about 2 years ago.

> god help me, thanks in advance-evan
Evan make sure clutch master and slave cylinder has all the air bled out Did you try adjusting length of rod at pedal and at slave cylinder?? Hope this helps
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