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I have an HKS I/C for sale..

> I have just recieved my (your old) T04E 57mm
> trim turbo from Majestic Turbo . The shims
It should be more than enough I can send you a picture of it

I will let go for $250
remember it is an HKS for the 280zx
well, I may be able to throw in the HKS piping if you are interested
helluva lot better than muffler shop tubbing


> and downpipe were also included . To those
> of you who don't know I bought Jim T's old
> turbo . I did about a week of discussion
> with him and some more reasearch . I was
> going to get the 46mm trim T04E because I
> was going to run a little lower boost like
> 14 psi peak, I always did have the 57mm in
> the back of my mind . Jim said he used to
> have the 46mm and said that this one pulled
> a bit better at 12psi and up . I am sure
> that the 46mm would have been more than I
> needed but this used/remanufactured turbo
> less than a year old was CHEAPER . Plus I
> got a 3 mandrel bent down pipe . The
> size of the turbo blows my mind the research
> says it should do just fine a low boost
> because of the low surge line and high
> effeciency throughout the range, my eyes
> tell me that it's way to friggin big . Jim I
> know you are kind of pissed about the OTHER
> THING which I won't sayanything about other
> than I am still in your corner . I think I
> got a good deal on the turbo and you got
> some extra money to help out with your 60-1
> turbo . Yeeeeee Haaaaaaw, anyone else
> reading this I am now looking for a starion
> intercooler .

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MEXICO??????? who is from mexico? not me

I have no problem at all from mexicans (just in case)

I live in Puerto Rico
We have USPS offices in every town.
I dunno who told you that mexico stuff (my name?)
UPS, FEDEX, USPS... you name it
sorry, I got excited
let me know what you wanna do


> Yes I do remeber asking about it, the price
> is excellent and would be perfect for my
> application . The reason I did not bite is
> because I have heard that shipping from
> Mexico is a pain in the ass . My company
> actually get boilers fabricated there and
> customs have been a headache . I am a little
> gun shy too I also got burned on a mail
> purchase a while back . I am going to be in
> Mazzatland in Feb 22 to Feb 28 on vacation
> any change we could swap money and goods
> there . I would definately buy it .
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