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Re: WOW! n/c

> I put a 81zx motor and a late 70,s 5 speed
> tranny in my 71z
> I used the p-79 head and I am running gobs
> of timming (about 20 degrees)on a 77z
> eletronic ignition . The 81 distributor has
> a module that is pricey to replace and I got
> this one earlier for my 240z motor and it
> works great.
> I also am using the stock 71 SU carbs

> Here are some issues I ran into ..... The
> fuel pump , I got a electric fuel pump out
> of a early 80's mazda rx7 for ten bucks and
> it works great and easy to wire also
> I used the oil preesure sending unit off the
> 240 motor , the 81 had two male connectors
> as opposed to one on the 71 I did not know
> how to make it work.
> I used the bottom water outlet from the 71
> motor on the 81 motor so the existing water
> hoses would line up
> I used the 71 pulley on the 81 motor because
> it was quite a bit smaller and since I do
> not have any accesories to run I did not
> need the larger pulley and it was some easy
> and cheap horespower to bolt on.
> I used the p-79 exhaust manifold for two
> reasons one was to save a few bucks and I
> did not think that the stock motor would
> benifit enough .
> I did have to get a late 70's early 80's
> exhaust flange from the junk yard because
> the 71 wo
> uld not lne up with the 81
> The clutch was another matter for another
> time along with the tranny issues , The end
> results is a car that is alot quicker ,
> smother, runs like a top , pulls like it
> never did to red line and starts right up ,
> the other motor ran terrible until it was
> warm
> Besides my time this cost about $700 $200
> for motor $300 for tranny and the rest misc
> gaskets,
> seals engine puller and other stuff
> I used Bryan Little's web page to make this
> happen and help from people here and other
> groups
> I want to thank everyone for there help and
> for the upcoming questions I am sure I will
> have
> good luck
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