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My temperature gauge was reading way high.
The sending unit was reading 100 ohms less than a new one.
New temp sender
490 ohms at 77 degrees
425 ohms at 82 degrees
85 ohms at 150 degrees
47 ohms at 180 degrees, Gauge needle is centered.

I put Liquid Wrench on the sender nut days in advance.
I put a socket over the sender and shocked the nut with a hammer numerous times.
A quick turn with the ratchet broke it loose but it was stiff unscrewing and the sender didn’t move.
The sender wouldn’t pull out or turn.
I broke the terminal off and pulled the guts out.
The inside diameter was 5/16” so I threaded it for a 3/8” threaded rod.
I made this rig to extract it and I’m glad I did.
It was a hard pull most of the way but it worked.
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