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> Hi all,
> I just replaced my tank sending unit, and I
> don't know if I have it installed correctly.
> It seems to only work from half tank to full
> tank. I think I may have it positioned wrong
> inside the tank. Which way is the float
> supposed to swing? Sideways? toward the
> front of the car? I believe it is hanging on
> some part of the tank and now allowing the
> float to move past the halfway point. Any
> suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Even if you could tell me which way the 2
> wires on the top are supposed to be facing
> (2 o'clock, 5 o'clock etc)

> Many tanks (he he) in advance

> Tim McGovern
> White 78 280
> Atlanta, Ga

Tim -

I'm not sure about a 280, but on my 240 the sender has a notch at the 3 oclock position that mates with a bump in the tank opening (i.e. it can only seat properly one way). In that orientation, the wires are about 1 oclock (white) and 5 oclock (black). The float moves up and down (not sidways). Just to check things out before you install, try swinging the float all the way in one direction and watch the fuel gauge (wires connected) then swing the float in the other direction. The guage should also move from full to empty. If no notch is available to align the sender, then make sure that you install it so that the gauge reads full when the float is up and empty when down.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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