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Tail light problem

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I recently bought a '71 240z. The tail lights, turn signalsand the reverse lights do not work but the hazards and brake lights do. The fuse burns out and the previous owner appears to have done some personalized wiring. How do I fix these problems?
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You're gonna havta check the wiring from the troublesome fuse for grounding, and trace it to what specific line is shorted out.

After that, it's chasing the "personalized" wiring to find out where......!
oh man that sucks...I was lucky when i bought my 76 280z i just had a melted socket stopping my brake light from working...just be patient and do exactly what chevy man said
pull the four corner marker lights and your front turn signal off and clean out the bulb sockets....

9 times out of ten, thats the problem!!!!

Hope that helps.....

Don't you just hate that personalized wiring crap? The PO of my '75 seems to have made a hobby out of personalized stereo and alarm wiring... But now there's just a bunch of wires that were under the carpet leading nowhere, and the wiring harness(?) for the "stereo" is chopped up with lots black electrical tape and improvised splices.
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