I recently upgraded to new replacement tail light lenses and new fresh air ducts. My 71 240Z was missing the driver side duct, and the original tail lights, while functional, they are looking a little needy. So, the old parts are now for sale. The tail light lenses do have age related fracturing of the clear areas, but are otherwise undamaged save for the center post that held the lenses to the housings broke off when removing. These are not perfect, nor am I advertising them as such. They are simply OEM. As the decision to keep my car OEM was not made before I took ownership, there is no reason for me to save these. Either later this year, or sometime next, I'll also post a set of original wheels and hubcaps for the car. They are in storage currently, and I don't really have access to them right now, but when I get them back in hand, I'll also post them. I also have the original seat belts for the car to sell, just ask. And the original radiator, working but replaced it with a Champion 3 row. If you would like any of these parts, just ask me about them as well.