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T5 Borg Warner and Nissan 5-Speed

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which one is better performance wise?
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BW T5 will handle ALOT more power ALOT longer that the the nissan 5 speed.
oh ok... what cars do they come in? so far ive heard about 87-90 pontiac firebirds. anything else?
well, thee bw came on lots of cars. the only one that would be of any *easy* use to you is the one off the 82-83 zxt

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good luck finding a t-5 2+2 driveshaft though. there arent too many around. (ive tried) lol if you are wanting to swap a 5 spd in your car, id suggest the 81-83 nissan 5 spd. it is pretty easy to find at the local yard and not too terribly expensive to go through with for the entire swap.

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Unless you're running huge hp, use the Datsun tranny. It's plenty strong, plentiful, easy to install and IMHO a lot more user friendly. The Borg may be industrial strength, but it shifts like it, too.
ther are about 8 82-83 2+2 turbo driveshafts on car-part.com
i think more 2+2 turbo cars wind up in junk yards than cpe

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i have a ton of 2+2 turbo auto shafts. i cant ever find a 2+2 for a t5. you dont see many of those cars.
check car-part.com ther are 8 right now for t-5 2+2
There were approximately 265 versions of the Borg Warner T5 developed prior to it's sale to Tremec.

Here's a site that you can use to find each application. It's a little clumsy interface:


I'll dig up a dump I have in an Excel Spreadsheet and post it.

One thing everyone shouldn't overlook is that the EARLY T5 used in the ZX Turbo's was not one of the "World Class" T5's and is only rated at about 260 ft/lbs torque.

That's not to say they won't work in a high torque application, but their expected life-span is considerably lower beyond this point.

The T5's used in the Mustang GT's were rated at about 330lb/ft torque.

The good news is, due to the wide spread use of these by almost every US manufacturer, almost any Tranny shop can rebuild one pretty easily.

The other good aspect is they have an abundance of after-market short throw shifters available.

Sorry, looks like there's no way to attach a document... I'll throw it on a webserver tonight.



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you can likely order a new T5 drive shaft from a drive shaft store. Aftermarket companies cover most cars.

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there is this one local junkyard that has a nissan 5 speed, from the looks of the car about 80-83. they want 250-275 for it. does that sound about right? they are selling the whole engine for about 300. its a non turbo but ill just take what i need and sell the rest of the engine parts on ebay or something. yes later on ill be packing some serious heat once i get the F54 block they have. i plan on building my own turbo engine. my 2 datsun books come in tomorrow so i can start taking care of the basics to the car such as replacing spark plugs and doing the tune up. also taking care of the surface rust and crap like that.
so if i currently have a 79 5 speed and if i changed to the t5 from a 81-83 turbo, would my drive shaft work off my 79 5 speed?

and would one be better than the other one other than gear ratios which are pretty darn close anyway.?

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The t-5 is geared shorter in 1st 2nd and 3rd, and has an in between 5th

compared to the two other nissan transmitions. The t-5 will require you to

modify the rear trans mount, if you dont get the turbo driveshaft you will

have to get at least a slipjoint from a turbo, the splines and dia of the

output shaft are differnt on the t-5 as opposed to nissan. I dont know

about a zx for sure but you might have to modify the console or the shifter

to use 1st 3rd and 5th.

Also my dads '88 5.0 with 200,000mi has not had any trans problems and it has the non world class t-5 rated at 260ft/lbs of torque and the engine is rated by ford at 300ft/lbs of torque. The Nissan t-5 should handle one **** of a Z.
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well with all that in mind i think ill pass on the switch.
so than im guessing its more difficult than putting in a nissan 5 speed?
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