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T-tops off!

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Washed and waxed the Z this weekend. T-tops off! Took my wife and then my daughter to Sonics and cruise around the town.
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must me be nice.. I wish i could take the z out, still too cold. Average temperature around -2 the past week, with snow storms and lots of rain.
This story came to mind when I read that you took your daughter and your wife seperately for the ride in your 280ZX...

Yesterday, while semi-"discussing" the pros & cons of a 2 seater or a 2+2 with my 9 year old daughter, the reality of only taking one passenger came up. Alyssa (my daughter) said, while we were staring into the cabin of a 2nd gen. 300ZX f/s right now on a lot here in Waco; "Daddy, you could take Mommy AND me in a car like this with only 2 seats! I think it would be really fun to lie down or curl up in the back behind the seats while we go driving in your Z car!"

Fun?! Certainly! Dangerous? Possibly. Kid's perspectives on things cause me to take marvelous second-looks at that which I wouldn't have even considered at 43 years of age! Heck, looking at the cargo space behind the 300's seats for a second time, I thought; "yes, it would be fun to take a ride back there!"

So, there's a 2nd gen. 300ZX for sale ($4,999) in Waco, Tx. on a car lot. Appears to be in good condition. I've never even considered anything newer than a 280ZX, but looking at this 2nd gen. 300 I thought; "Man! this is actually a good-looking car!" I then went home & did some research, discovering all the praise & rewards this car won in it's day. Watched a test drive video on YouTube from 2 guys called "Daily driver" who do car evaluations. They had a whole lot of wonderful things to say about the 300. Actually, nothing negative at all. One of these guys even owns one and likes it better than the 370! It's apparently the best Z car Nissan ever put out from what I read. Me? It's too much of a departure from the 240, 60, 80 & 280 lines that I have grown to love for 20 years now. But it IS cool looking...VERY cool looking infact, more cool than I've ever thought....hmmmm (brain's ticking now!)
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Do it, JOIN US!
One of Us! One of Us!
KyleKidd said:
Do it, JOIN US!
I will be joining you soon...but almost-assuredly in a 280 ZX, or a 1st-gen. if the right one comes around in the next few months.

As much as I admired the styling of the 300 yesterday, and then read about what an incredible car it is, I'm just not sure I could fall in love with it.
You know that episode of Futurama where bender goes through the car wash then it rains.....

I got home it was a nice day last Wednesday so I scrubbed the wheels clean and washed off the grime from the salting and dirt and when I got done and passed the threshold of my garage door it started down pouring.
Go for broke = get one of each - even a 2+2.
Why not just get one of every generation? Every color, trim, turbo and non-turbo, and even 5 speed vs auto combination. Then you can start mis-matching parts. Think of the combinations!
for some reason i don't think that would work out very well..
erzelda said:
Go for broke = get one of each - even a 2+2.
Presently my goal is my first Z car & I'm really stuck on a 280ZX, & it'll likely be a 2+2 b/c of family, even though I believe it compromises the Z look. In the future (which I've considered) I would likely go in the direction of an S30, but since staring at a Z32 closely and with much admiration the other day for the 1st time, & then reading about how wonderful this car (twin turbo preferably) is, who knows what I may aquire for my #2? Having one of each generation sounds like a dream come true.
I had a 90 300zx 2+2. I thought it looked better than the coupe on that model. 19mpg, had to run premium, but you never pushed the gas pedal...you just thought about it.................................it was gone.this was the na auto tranny.
The 90/96 Z32 2+2 lets you break the sports car guy model. I started a big fan of the 76 280z and still think it has the best lines of the 280's. But when it came to putting my money down I will never regret going with the 90zx 2+2. On long trips the girl can lay the set back and take a nap, or if pup goes a long there's plenty of room for her bed. For me it's the feel of the 222 horses (more than any stock 280zx na or turbo) ready to race down the road.
Sweeeeeet! Z looks really nice.
I think the 2+2 looks just fine - besides for mounting a tripod based weapon, it makes a more stable gun platform.

The 300ZX 2+2 is the dog's car - it helps to keep her out of my seat - I hate looking left before turning and getting a face full of dog germs from the 90# Lab.
81 degrees today and the T-tops are off again.
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