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t-5 conversion

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i am putting an 83 zx t-5 in my 79 zx does any one know
if the crossmember and slave cylnder are the same
na vs turbo
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Why? The jap tranny shifts MUCH better. This isn't an "upgrade" IMHO.

if you swap in a stock mustang shifter, it makes for imporved shifts, and if you use the B&M Rpiier shifter, it's absolutely silky!

And it holds up nicely with turbo power. The stock FS5C71B or some permutation of those numbers and letters for the "b"box) tends to eat itself up when you push power through it!

There is another alternative, but I am not a liberty to discuss it until it's been field proven by someone I am working with (and it's not JeffP's Tremec Box...)

When the bugs are out, and an installation manual is written, it will be posted here for everyone. It should make for some nice shifting, nice longevity, and close as **** ratios for people with high-strung engines when the second phase of the experiment evolves.
But first things first, baby steps, ya know!
that don't tell be what i need to know
could it be...

it's a polite way to tell you it's been covered, and to search archives and/or articles?
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